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Buying medical supplies or medical equipment in Alpharetta doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.  When you choose a medical supply leader like Peach State Medical Supplies, you can feel confident that your Alpharetta practice or home health care needs are being filled by true professionals who understand your needs and value your business.

Here are just a few of the many ways we’re helping doctors, podiatrists, clinics, hospitals, dental practices and even the general public benefit from top quality medical supplies and medical equipment at affordable prices – right here in Alpharetta.


Alpharetta Medical Supplies

  • Alpharetta Home Medical Supplies – Get your medical supplies delivered directly to your door whether for your own use or for home health care assistance.  Buy walkers, wheelchairs, respiratory, diabetic supplies and more – all from the name brands you know and trust.
  • Alpharetta Hospital Supplies – Have your hospital supplies shipped to you free of charge wherever you are in Alpharetta thanks to Peach State Medical Supplies.  From surgical needs to daily use hospital products, no other medical supply company offers more products with fast local delivery.
  • Alpharetta Dental Supplies – Find everything you need to give your patients the best possible dental care with effortless online ordering around the clock from the Peach State Medical Supplies website.  Buy everything in one place - including crown and bridge mixing tips, dental impression material, saliva ejectors, and much more.
  • Alpharetta Orthopedic Supplies – Ordering back, knee, ankle, foot and arm braces or slings doesn’t have to be painful - especially when you can enjoy free shipping from Peach State Medical Supplies.  Get all the supplies you need – all in one place when you choose from our incredible catalog of orthopedic and medical supplies.
  • Alpharetta Podiatry Supplies – Stay a step ahead of your medical supply needs with quick delivery of your podiatry supplies all across Alpharetta.   It has never been easier to get direct access to top quality medical supplies – right here in Alpharetta!

But we deliver more than just Alpharetta medical supplies.  We also provide quality medical equipment for hospitals, home health care, podiatry and more.  Whether your medical equipment needs are large or small, Peach State Medical Supplies handles every order with the ease and professionalism you’ve come to expect from the Alpharetta leader in the medical supply and equipment business.

  • Alpharetta Home Medical Equipment – Buy wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and other mobility devices as well as beds, lifts and slings for clinic or home health care use with our affordable home medical equipment.  Enjoy free local shipping and fast delivery with convenient online ordering available around the clock!
  • Alpharetta Hospital Equipment – Find low prices and top quality on your everyday hospital equipment needs including surgical, maternity, cardiology, imaging equipment, IVs, lab equipment and much more.
  • Alpharetta Orthopedic Equipment – We stock a full line of orthotics, support braces and pillows, back and elbow supports, wrist bandages, foot and ankle elevation products and much more.  No matter what’s broken, the quality service and professional touch you get from Peach State Medical Supplies can help!
  • Alpharetta Podiatry Equipment – Put your best foot forward with our complete selection of podiatry equipment including diabetic foot care products for diabetic wounds, elastic bandages, podiatry chairs, exam equipment and more. Peach State Medical Supplies is your Alpharetta podiatry equipment specialist!

Peach State Medical Supplies is proud to deliver assistive devices and mobility aids to home health care workers, doctors, clinics and individuals throughout the city.  Find affordable prices on a wide variety of home healthcare equipment in Alpharetta, plus free shipping and fast delivery!

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